Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy controls the way, gathers, utilizes, preserves and reveals information gathered from users. This pertains to the users of the This document pertains to the site services and products provided by Dr. Athari DDS PLLC  a professional limited liability company doing business as Pleasantsmiles.


Personal Identification Information

Users can anonymously visit our website. Our company collects personal identification information from the website visitors and users only if they voluntarily divulge that information to us. If asked about personal information users can refuse to provide personal information such as identification. This may preclude them from taking part in certain activities. Personal identification information from visitors and users can be attained through visiting the website, placing an order, filling out an inquiry such as forms and medical forms, responding to questions and polls or surveys. This also pertains to our connecting partners and services, features, apps, payment feature, medical portal feature, gps feature for google maps or other map services or anything else (including but not limited to future technological innovations that can be utilized to enhance and increase efficiency) all of which may be available on the website. These aforementioned subjects will all be kept to industry standards such as HIPAA rules and regulations, state and federal as well as local regulations. 


Non Personal Identification

This information pertains to type of computer or handheld device , technical information about the type of connection to our company website ie internet service providers ISP or operating system and other same type of information. 


Web Browser Cookies 

“Cookies” are used to improve user experience and interaction. Cookies placed on the users hard drives for data keeping purposes as well as track certain legal information about them. However each individual can personally set their web browser to refuse cookies as well as alert when cookies are being sent. It is wise to be mindful that some parts of the site may not function properly.  


The use of collected data may gather and use personal information for the below mentioned purposes:


  • to process payment the information a user provides allows permission for service to that particular order alone. The information provided is strictly all that is necessary to allow for the legal transaction and sharing information through safe means to banking institutions.

  • to personalize the experience of the user on the website mass information may be used to better understand  user intention as well as interaction as a large group utilizing services and information from the website for our services. 

  • to manage public relations, product reviews and ratings and testimonials. Third party service providers may help us manage product reviews and ratings left by customers and users as well as negative attack ads by hostile competitive behaviour by other operators in our field of business.

  • to send periodic HIPAA compliant emails in case of patient reactivation or reminders and well wishes for holidays or birthdays. We may also use email addresses to send user information and updates pertaining to their dental service order. Email communication is also used to respond and communicate with users about inquires, questions, or requests.

  • to feature and host a promotion, poll, inquiry, statistical data analysis regarding traffic, or other site features such as map guide that utilizes satellite services and their own tracking abilities to the final destination. This can further be utilized to send users information that they would have had the opportunity to agree to receive about subjects we may deem to be of interest to them

  • to enhance customer service. Responding to customer service requests and communicable and support needs efficiently is only possible by the users’ permission to provide information.

  • to operate our website and maintain it running efficiently your information may be needed to display content on the website correctly

  • to improve our site and your customer experience user feedback may be used to elevate the quality of products and services


Protection of Your Information

A Reputable computer and data security consulting company is contracted with our company at all times. Risk analysis and data theft protection and measures have been placed in protocol to protect against unauthorized access, disclosure, destruction of any personal information, username, transaction information, password or anything of a sensitive nature. We partner up with reputable companies who adopt a high level of standard in data collection, storage, and processing. Any financial transaction occurring on our website is up to standards with US banking laws and regulations. We do not store user financial information and each order of service must be authorized and initiated by the customer or user before the transaction can take place.


Sharing of User Personal Information 

Only demographic data which is not inclusive of personal information may be used and shared with our business partners such as the number of female online payers versus male payers. User's personal information will not be sold, traded, transacted, or allowed to be used per service or per time frame. Our business partners and consultants and affiliate offices or services and programs and advertisers may use this general demographic user information for the purpose mentioned above. Third party non affiliated service providers may be contracted using this demographic content to allow efficient operation of our business website and they may initiate activities on our company’s behalf. These may include polls and surveys and articles for reading and information purposes. We may share this demographic information for these types of limited engagements only if the user has given us their permission.


Electronic Newsletters 

User must decide to opt-in to our mailing and communication list. Once user provides email address they will acknowledge that they would be willing to receive appointment reminders, birthday and holiday well wishes, event reminders, newsletters, promotions, product and services information, and transmission of any electronic communication that would fall under the definition of a newsletter. Only with user or customer permission third party operators may use your information to help provide services on our behalf to our user base such as sending newsletters or possl and surveys or promotions.


Third Party Websites 

If there is any type of content on our website that links to another partner or affiliate or business such as a payment processing app or company, gps apps for traffic services, suppliers and sponsors such as implant or dental companies or any other company that may be related to the business of dentistry as a whole, then they are subject to that company’s privacy practices and rules and regulations and is out of the control of Pleasantsmiles and Dr. Athari with no assumption of responsibility of the practices and behaviours employed by these third party operators. 


Changes to Dr.Athari and Pleasantsmiles’ Privacy Policy

Pleasantsmiles by Dr. Athari will periodically update this page of the site without any notice. Users who like to be informed about these changes must visit this page. User must be mindful of the fact that  certain pages blogs and or posts or promotions that circulate within the world wide web may stay saved in browsers, cashes, or hard drives of those user computers or hand held devices. We are abiding by the most current version of this page and hold that as our official company policy. This is an evolving phenomenon due to the current prediction of future technological advances and the dynamic nature of the tech age. For this reason we invite the user to periodically visit this page to inquire about how personal information and privacy policy is practiced as well as collected and protected. It is the user’s responsibility to acknowledge and be in agreement to take responsibility in periodically review to be informed about any changes and modifications.This electronic document is displayed on its own designated page on our website for user access and must be available on the site unless the site is under changes or construction. 


Acknowledgement of User Acceptance of Our Terms 

If you are in disagreement of this website’s policies you may discontinue using our website. By using this website the user affirms and agrees and accepts this policy. If the user decides to continue to visit the website and if there were new changes amended to this website or privacy policies at a later date then the user accepts by revisiting the website that they would be responsible to check the privacy policies and their continued return would mean acknowledgement of acceptance of the new changes since the occurrence of the last change. Privacy policy written and created by Dr. Athari.


Contacting US

If you have any questions about our privacy practices policy or anything else please contact us.