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We have finally moved to our new location. Come and see Dr. Athari's new design of this state-of-the-art practice.

Our new address is 2425 W. Horizon Ridge Suite 100, Henderson NV 89052.


"My goal is dentistry lasting a long lifetime with a long-term relationship of trust and value."

Dr. Athari graduated from Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University Dental School in 1999 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery which is one of the best recognized institutions in the world. He has trained many doctors from the US in the field of Implant Surgery both in live patient surgeries as well as lectures in advanced Implantology and complications of such cases.




Emergency Dentist in Las Vegas, Dr. Athari. At Pleasantsmiles, we do our best to address emergencies the same (or next) day. Experience teaches us, the sooner a patient can get appropriate treatment, the better the recovery. If you are experiencing a severe toothache, Pain and stress can be alleviated more effectively when addressed promptly.


Tooth Pain Does Not Have to Wait. From minor pain to fracture, or loss of teeth, we do our best to address dental emergencies as quickly as possible. Tooth infection? Remember an infection should be looked at and treated. It does not matter where this infection is despite the fact that there is no pain. Don't Delay to Get the Dental Help You Need.


No one likes the idea of losing a tooth, however there are options we can provide to fill the empty space or replace the tooth, such as: Dental Implants. Luckily we are at an age where full mouth tooth loss can be replaced with dental implants resembling natural appearance that would be nearly impossible to be recognized.

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Brandi R.

Las Vegas

I've been seeing Dr. Athari for five years. He is the best dentist I've ever experienced. He ensures you're comfortable and comfortable explains everything. He isn't one out to take your money on procedures that aren't needed. There was one time that I paid to get my daughters fluoride but couldn't afford mine. Without even telling him that was the case, he offered it at no charge. I truly respect Dr. Athari and I'm thankful I found such an incredible dentist.

Maria Rova

Las Vegas

I don't leave reviews that much but Dr. Athari and his staff deserves this 5 star review. Dr. Athari is accommodating, knowledgeable, and kind. He explained everything that needs to be done with my dental work as well as explain each procedure to me. I felt at ease and he immediately had my trust. The dental hygienist Antonio was very friendly as well as knowledgeable and Shani in the front desk is lively and super nice. I highly recommend Dr. Athari!

Fancy P.

Las Vegas

I'm so glad I've found Dr Athari. He's kind, gentle and a great dentist. Every dentist I've been to in Vegas pops in and out of the room while their assistant does your dental work, this has always seemed crazy to me. Dr Athari is the one doing the work while his assistant....assists him. Wild! Also, his staff is delightful as is he. I won't be going anywhere else!

Teeth in ONE Day

Advanced Dental Implant Solutions

Teeth in ONE Day
Dental Implant Solutions

Greatness Is An Achievement

Teeth in ONE Day
Full Arch Implant Solutions

Neodent® Neoarch®






Full-Arch Solutions

Through innovations & technology we can now replace a full arch of teeth with as few as four dental implants

Guided Surgery

Computer designed and robotic assisted milling of surgical template guides and teeth


Immediate Placement

Implant placement immediately after the teeth removal into extraction sockets

Mentorship Programs

In Office over the shoulder implant mentorship program for dentists and their staff

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