Pleasantsmiles is the private dental practice of Dr. Athari. Within the practice, he is able to enforce his creation of One-on-One dentistry to provide appropriate care for each, from simple exams and cleanings through complex cases requiring surgeries such as full mouth implant-supported prosthesis also known as All-on-4® or Teeth In One Day in concert with his implant company: 3rdSet® Implant Solutions

"'My goal is dentistry lasting a long lifetime with a long-term relationship of trust and value."

Dr. Athari graduated from Chicago’s prestigious Northwestern University Dental School in 1999 with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery which is one of the best recognized institutions in the world. He has trained many doctors from the US in the field of Implant Surgery both in live patient surgeries as well as lectures in advanced Implantology and complications of such cases.

My main focus is full mouth reconstruction and emergency dentistry addressing severe pain and facial swelling as well as immediate implant placement due to trauma or loss of teeth – with an emphasis on the cosmetic needs where teeth are visible.​

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COVID-19 is in the news everywhere, and we are closely monitoring the situation. We already, as a daily practice, assure universal precautions as outlined by CDC and OSHA standards of infection control. Safety is always our number one focus. Our high standard of care ensures that your trust and safety are never compromised.


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For those patients needing only a single implant, we can provide exceptional care for the replacement of one tooth. Loss due to disease, trauma or other circumstances such as congenitally missing teeth, can be restored to proper health and function, leaving you with a functional oral condition.



For those patients that require more than one implant, we've got you covered. Sometimes tooth loss is not limited to one tooth but does not involve a full mouth restoration. We are able (through the use of multiple implants supporting multiple teeth) to restore your smile and allow you to reclaim full function of the lost area.



We can provide our patients with a variety of options including the so called All-on-4®, or Teeth In one Day, depending on the individual's needs. We create a custom treatment plan to address every concern and suggest a comprehensive plan detailing the process to your healthy and beautiful smile.


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