Dentist Las Vegas

Exclusive One on One Dentistry

Where the Dentist is only attending to one patient as well as the hygienist, and we will not go from room to room. All the dental services will be done in this fashion. Before any dental work is done all fees are discussed with our patients in order to better inform and plan their oral health.  I use technology to fully educate patients with pictures and other tools so they can be fully informed.

Remember Having Good Teeth Is A Lifestyle…
Let us Introduce You to That! My goal in dentistry is prolonging the life of the teeth and maintaining them as long as possible and preventing dental emergencies. In doing so I hope to change the quality of your life for the better.

Dentist Las Vegas - Athari DDSPrevention Dentistry – All too often this is neglected because of the obvious limitations of insurance dentistry, which is the biggest boundary to providing maximum prevention and goes on to take another shape in the adolescent years. It may be restoration of decay to prevent a further deterioration of the affected area. This would in turn prevent a worsening of the situation if untreated which can be costly and annoying. Continual education and habit formation is another aspect of prevention.


If You Have No Insurance We Can Provide These Plans:

Dentist in Las Vegas Individual Dental Plan

Dental Services: Exam Xray, Extractions, Deep Cleaning, (Gingivitis), Periodontics, Cosmetic Dentistry, Crowns and Bridges, Silver Fillings, White Fillings, Wisdom Teeth Extractions (Oral Surgery)

Dentist Las Vegas
Pleasantsmiles invites all existing patients to freely communicate and criticize and provide us with pertinent information. Public relation advancements are a necessary component for better and favorable relations. We appreciate the public view.

Dentist Las Vegas